Friday, March 5, 2010

Sith Speeder

This one was a more complex project.

The Sith Speeder was was converted from a Corgi die-cast 1:43 scale 1990's Batmobile toy.  (You can see a picture of the original toy HERE.  It took quite a lot of cutting with a dremel tool -- I had to remove the front wheel-fenders altogether -- and then a LOT of filling and filing. The jet pods were made from assorted parts in my bits box.

I painted the Speeder to match its driver, a Mistral Shadow Guard. The weathering was a fun effect -- it was added after the paintjob is complete, by painting silver paint in dabs where the body would be hit be debris, while traveling at high speeds (mainly the front plate, and some of the edges and sides.)  ILM model-making deptartment -- I await your call!

The entire rear of the landspeeder is hinged, so it can flip up to access the engine inside. I've included a photo of this, it's a pretty cool effect.

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