Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple Landspeeders

Here's a couple more.  These were really easy projects -- they are Speeders from the old Galoob Action Fleet toys (their "Battle Packs" line).  I re-based these onto extra bases that I pulled off from the "Flash Speeder" minis from the SW Miniatures "Universe" set (the original Galoob toys have clear plastic wheels.)

I didn't bother to repaint them though, as I think these paint jobs are pretty good as is (though I may weather them further at some point in the future.)

The first is the Lars Family Landspeeder, a Sorosuub V-35 Courier.  It's from the Galoob "Lars Family Homestead" Battle Pack.



Next is Luke's Landspeeder, a Sorosuub X-34.  It's from Galoob's "Cantina Encounter" Battle Pack.  I figure this guy picked it up cheap after Luke sold it before leaving the planet.

Just a few more contestants, and we'll be ready to start the race!

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