Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stone Giant Raiding Party!

As I got to the last few days of this year, I realized I had done almost no miniature painting for myself the last 12 months!  So I took the last few days off, and broke out the old paints & brushes!   The first result was the Cave Troll I posted a few days ago, and the latest ones are a trio of Stone Giants for Dungeons and Dragons!

I bought 2 of the Otherworld Miniatures Stone Giants a couple years ago at Salute.  I loved the model, it was sculpted by my pal Paul Muller (we used to share an office back when we worked at GW).  However, I wanted each one to look individual, so I converted one of them with a new face, turn of the head, and I sculpted 2 new arms on him carrying a club and barrel from my bits box.  I also gave him some bone armor (more bits from by bits box) and when I was done, he looked pretty different from the original model.  He looks a bit like he's returning from a raid on some town, with a big barrel of ale he's stolen from the inn!

In the picture below, the Stone Giant in the middle was a Citadel Miniatures C28 Giant, sculpted by Michael and Alan Perry way back in the 1980's.   One of the Giants in this series was clearly meant to be a D&D Stone Giant, and it matched up pretty nicely with the Otherworld Giant in scale.  The only problems were his head and feet -- the head looked too big and the feet were to small (in comparison with the Otherworld minis).  So I did a quicky sculpt of a new head that was a little smaller, and added some putty to bulk out the feet.  In the end, when based in the same manner, all 3 looked like they were made for the same range.

I painted them with a pallet of neutral tones, as I wanted them to have a cold, stony look.  I picture Stone Giants to be a bit like neolithic man, making weapons & gear from stone and hide.  The scenery in the photo is some of my neolithic stuff I made last year for WarGods of Hyperborea (the Wendigo), if you like it you can see more color photos of these in the Wendigo Warband Book, available from Crocodile Games. 

I hope Otherworld does a couple more poses for their Giants range -- I'd love to have a Stone Giant throwing a rock to go with these guys!

Now, the question is, can I get anything else painted before the year is over and I have to get back to work???

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"They have a Cave Troll!"

It's been a long while since I've updated this blog -- thanks to stopping by to see what's new!

We were snowed in the day after Christmas, so I spent the afternoon brushing up on my painting!  Inspired by the recent Hobbit film, I decided to finish up an old project I started a long time ago -- a Cave Troll, from the Games Workshop 'Lord of the Rings' game.

This figure came in the Mines of Moria box set.  I liked the miniature, but I wanted it to have a face that was different from the Troll in the movie.  So I played around with the mini for a couple hours while at my sculpting table and came up with a new, slightly different head that looks fierce but suitably inbred.  I even had the green of the head molded in case I wanted to do a few more of him.  (I still have a couple extra heads, email me if anyone wants one for their Troll).

The figure then sat around on my shelf for many months, waiting to get painted.  A foot of snow outside was a sign that the time was right!


And some close-ups of his face... scary!

He's painted with a mixture of Vallejo and GW paints, with some of the GW washes and inks for weathering.  All in all, a fun miniature to work on, now I just need to paint up Tom, Bert, and William to keep him company!