Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"They have a Cave Troll!"

It's been a long while since I've updated this blog -- thanks to stopping by to see what's new!

We were snowed in the day after Christmas, so I spent the afternoon brushing up on my painting!  Inspired by the recent Hobbit film, I decided to finish up an old project I started a long time ago -- a Cave Troll, from the Games Workshop 'Lord of the Rings' game.

This figure came in the Mines of Moria box set.  I liked the miniature, but I wanted it to have a face that was different from the Troll in the movie.  So I played around with the mini for a couple hours while at my sculpting table and came up with a new, slightly different head that looks fierce but suitably inbred.  I even had the green of the head molded in case I wanted to do a few more of him.  (I still have a couple extra heads, email me if anyone wants one for their Troll).

The figure then sat around on my shelf for many months, waiting to get painted.  A foot of snow outside was a sign that the time was right!


And some close-ups of his face... scary!

He's painted with a mixture of Vallejo and GW paints, with some of the GW washes and inks for weathering.  All in all, a fun miniature to work on, now I just need to paint up Tom, Bert, and William to keep him company!

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