Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Custom Gian Landspeeder

OK, let's start out with something cool -- it is no secret I'm a big Star Wars geek, and over the years I've collected a bunch of the WotC pre-painted plastic miniatures.  A while back I got the idea into my head to make some custom landspeeders that would be compatible with the WotC miniature range (28mm figures).

Here are some photos of the first of these I finished. It's a conversion from the old Gian Speeder playset from the Galoob Action Fleet toy range.  The cool thing about this range of toys was that most of them were scaled somewhere between 1:48 and 1:72 scale, which makes them just about the right size for 28mm figures.  I put some of the figures in the photo for scale reference.

The original toy had big spring-loaded rockets on either side which really made the thing look like a toy.  I removed these and filled in the holes with putty.  I made a few changes to the cockpit as well, but, but this is mostly just a repaint.

Anybody wanna race?

One more:

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