Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mon Calamari Ferrari

OK, here is a new one -- the Mon Calamari Ferrari!  I wanted a speeder that looked like it was designed for operating over water rather than land, as the Mon Cals come from a water-world.  This is how it was done:

This landspeeder is converted from a Corgi Batman 'Batsubmersible' 1:43 scale diecast toy that came out a few years ago.  You can see a picture of one HERE.  I took it apart and removed the glass domes to allow for spots for the Mon Cal crew to sit. The 'dorsal fin' was cut down considerably, as the toy's fin was rather huge and silly.  Cutting the fin down was hard work, it was the hardest plastic I have ever tried to cut, almost like metal.  At least I know it will be durable!  It had pop-out pods on the side, I glued these permanently in, to keep it looking sleek and organic.

The crew miniatures are converted slightly; they were originally Mon Calamary Mercenaries, from the 'Rebel Storm' set.  I gave them new head positions, racing suits, and new paint jobs -- then glued into the open ports. Last, the whole thing was mounted on a spare base from a Flash Speeder, for compatibility with the rest of the Speeders. I kept the original paint job (for the most part), only having to repaint the rear engines and the dorsal fin (because I cut it down.)

I like this one quite a bit -- it looks suitably aquatic, which fits the Mon Calamari background, and even has some of the smooth, organic aesthetic of the movie ship designs.


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